DRO FlipStop

Brand NEW!


Digital Read Out FlipStop for Felder 700 Series, some 500 Series and 900 Series machines. Any of the Felder machines with 72mm x 70mm extrusions.

Fiama F7 Digital Read Out


Adjustable using setting parameters and has a read accuracy down to .01mm or .001" at the touch of a button

Compact and Simple to Use


The FlipStop fits onto the Felder fence and upgrades the machine to Digital Readout capabilities.

Customer Install


Magnetic Banding is installed in the t-slot of the extrusion. Slip the DRO on the fence and calibrate it and you are ready to cut!

Accurate Cuts!


After one button calibration, Fence was set to 18" and panel is exactly 18".


Instructions and Usage Guide