Customer Reviews


Eric Smith 


I tuned in the parallels this evening.  What a joy to work with! They are really nicely made and easy to set up, In a nutshell I am very impressed with the quality of your work. All in all I just couldn't believe the finish as I unpacked them! Very slick indeed.
Thanks, its nice to have the hard earned dosh get spent on something that will make more, and make it pleasantly easier!

Best regards,Eric



I just received the parallel fences for my Minimax CU410 and I have to tell you I am very impressed. They are light weight but very rigid and easy to set up.The mounting bracket for the slider has got 2 grub screws to adjust the height relative to the top surface of the slider but when I fitted the fences, the top surface was about 0.5mm below the slider so I decided to leave it that way. I clamp all my work to the slider with air clamps and I wanted the top of the fence to be slightly below the slider so I wouldn't get any interference.The other adjustments to the bracket is to set the fixed arm of the fence so that it is parallel to the top surface of the slider. This is very easy to do with 2 plastic headed screws with lock nuts to fix them after adjustments and took a few minutes. A captive bolt holds the fence assembly to the slider with a  steel nut that slides in the T-slot at the side of the slider. It takes seconds to install and remove and I keep the nuts permanently in the slider. The stick-on scales are simple to install and the sight glass (plastic) has 2 screws which enables you to adjust for small errors after installing it or when you install a different width blade in the saw. Photos of the mounted fences can be seen on my website



I just received your precision square and ran it through some tests to set fence angles on my Hammer sliding table saw.  It's a fantastic product that is going to help me a ton keeping my fence dead on for angle settings. Great, great great concept of the pin holes to set so many angles.  
I'll keep your website bookmarked and check back in when I am looking to add parallel fences sometime in the future.

Craig Behnke



I did set up the parallel fence and have used it for a day.   I’m amazed at how accurately I can set the stop now.   I set the crosscut stop at 10.5 inches, set your fence at 10.5 inches, cut an 8 foot panel to that width, and with my 12-inch digital caliper, compared the crosscut stop end reading of 10.504 to the parallel fence end 10.502.   Can’t ask for anything better than that.   This was exactly what I was looking for.   Using the Felder fence, I’d be lucky to get within 0.010” of the desired width. The quality of the workmanship, fit and finish of your fence is superb, and it was super easy to set up, get adjusted and put in service.   It just works.  Period. Your fence is pure joy to use.   Great job.



The assembly was a breeze and everything fit flush and level once adjusted. I have a Martin Parallel fence and yours are better for ease of use.


Your square arrived safely in the UK and after using it for a day or two I'm wondering how I ever managed to make furniture without it! It's a fantastically useful device, supremely well crafted, and it inspires complete confidence.



Lamb Tool Works  precision level represents unbelievable value for money and makes setting up machines super easy. For example, I've got my cast iron top on my table saw flat to within 1-2 thou, and it didn't take long to establish that. And my jointer is next. I'm done with a straight-edge and feeler gages; I love my new level.