Indicator holder, drop indicator, setting gauge

Indicator Holder

Our Indicator Holder is designed to work on jointer tables and across large openings on shapers. Approximately 12" long and 1.25" wide, with a stable base that has threaded holes so it can be bolted to spacers, or secured in place. The Indicator can also be mounted pointing up and using the aforementioned spacer, you can indicate the bed rollers and blades on a planer/thicknesser.

Made to take a standard ADG style drop indicator with a 3/8" stem, Metric indicators can be used with a 3/8" to 8mm bushing.

Unit comes without an indicator so you can use your own, or we can supply one as an option. We include a flat point and remove the lug back on the indicator and replace with a flat back.

Price:                               $140 without Indicator, plus shipping

                                         $210 with SPI Indicator, plus shipping